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        WHY ECOT IS

                    BASED IN OHIO

  • ECOT is tuition-free and supplies a computer and broadband connection (in most areas) to students’ homes at no cost.
  • Students may log on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing flexibility for students and their families.
  • Students may enroll at ECOT any time throughout the school year.
  • ECOT provides personal attention from Highly Qualified teachers.
  • ECOT teachers form strong working relationships with students and parents, to provide the best education possible.
  • ECOT provides a positive, safe, and less stressful environment for any student experiencing threats to personal safety such as bullying or gang behavior.
  • Students with health and emotional circumstances, and gifted or special needs students, receive dedicated resources and specialized attention.
ECOT provides an outstanding educational experience online to Ohio students from the comfort and safety of their own homes. ECOT’s unique system is successful for so many different kinds of students in so many different situations because it consists of:
  • Teachers, counselors, administrators, and intervention specialists to help guide student learning
  • An excellent curriculum
  • The most technologically advanced learning management system
Every opportunity is available for students to reach their full potential.
ECOT’s engaging curriculum is fully aligned to the Ohio Department of Education standards. Kept current through updates by curriculum specialists, it’s further enriched by instructional and historical videos, full-color animated lessons, and additional projects and activities specially customized to students’ levels and skill development. These tools also provide practice and deep understanding of concepts, as well as hone students’ curiosity and study habits. Field trips, collaborative learning, science fairs, and activities keep students interested, motivated, and excited about learning and growing academically.
A great curriculum is only as good as the way it’s delivered to students, and in the virtual world, delivery must be vibrant yet user-friendly, immediate, and technically sound. The ECOT learning management system, IQity®, is recognized by educators throughout the United States as delivering superior learning to students online and facilitating the highest quality teaching experience for students.



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