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          OF LEARNING

Learning in a safe, nurturing environment—isn’t that what elementary school should be about? At ECOT:
  • Young learners experience an exceptional curriculum aligned to the Ohio State Standards from the comfort and safety of their own homes.
  • All ECOT teachers are highly qualified and experienced in forging close working relationships with students and parents.
  • Students work one-on-one with teachers, but they also interact with other students in live sessions, discussions and projects.
  • Teachers bring in supplementary resources, websites, PowerPoint presentations, and other materials to encourage learning by young students.
While building a solid foundation in Reading and Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, students are further engaged in learning through two additional interactive programs: StoryTown, to build reading and literacy skills; and enVision, to develop conceptual understanding of math concepts. Fun and exciting field trips, social gatherings, and opportunities for events with other ECOT families all ensure that students’ learning goes beyond the computer screen.
A solid curriculum plus qualified teachers who care means that ECOT meets the needs of each child, and that students receive the best possible education.
Kindergarten Language Arts

ECOT’s Language Arts curriculum addresses integrated instruction. The course emphasizes writing, speaking and listening in high-interest and age-appropriate content. Students experience using language to interact with others. Using oral language, beginning reading, and beginning writing, students respond to literature. They discuss ideas and tell stories for someone to write down, and they begin to write for other readers. They begin to learn the rules of Standard English and more about communicating with others. Students listen to stories read aloud to them and draw or write independently for meaning.



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