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              ECOT HIGH SCHOOL,

Even students who have never experienced online classes and are entering ECOT for the first time in one of the high school grades will be on the path to success. ECOT will do everything possible to ensure that each student has the opportunity to join the growing list of young adults who already have earned diplomas from ECOT.
Many High School students and their parents look to ECOT for the flexibility of learning from home, working at their own pace and at various hours throughout the day. ECOT offers a regular high school curriculum based solidly on the same Ohio Department of Education Standards that govern all high schools in Ohio. All ECOT High School teachers meet the Ohio Standards for Highly Qualified Teacher status in the subject areas they teach.
Although the High School curriculum centers on English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, students have a wide selection of electives to choose from, like art, computer technology, business and careers, and foreign languages to name a few. At ECOT, online learning goes beyond the basics to help develop well-rounded and well-informed students.
With the fully accredited curriculum, tuition-free education, and caring teachers to help them succeed, ECOT High School students can join the ranks of thousands of others who have graduated from ECOT with a high school diploma. And they’ll experience the fun and exciting activities that are so important in the life of high school students everywhere.



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