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Would you like to be involved in making academic and educational program decisions for ECOT? The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC), also known as a PTA or PTO at some schools, is a group of parents who assist ECOT in helping to meet the needs of students and families.
The PAC meets both virtually and in-person. Face-to-face meetings offer a chance for parents to come together and give feedback about ECOT as well as receive information about the school. Parents are also encouraged to offer suggestions on how to improve the school and share ideas on how ECOT can assist parents. For parents who are unable to attend face-to-face meetings, virtual meetings allow them a way to still volunteer on PAC. Parents may participate on the PAC from the comfort of their own homes using their child’s computer.
Options to Help ECOT:
  • Parent Test Proctor. This gives parents the opportunity to assist the school during state testing periods at one of the testing sites in the state. Maybe eligible for honorarium or stipend pay after testing is complete.
  • Parent Admission Ambassador (PAA). These ECOT parents serve the school by making themselves available to speak with parents who are considering enrolling their child in ECOT.
  • Parent Special Education Advisor. These ECOT parents serve in an advisory function for ECOT’s educational program for students with disabilities.
  • Parent Presenter. PAC members may be asked to be a presenter at a workshop for ECOT parents. Such presentations can include tips on creating a home learning environment, staying informed about student progress, communicating with teachers, or keeping children socially active.
For more information about PAC, or to inquire about joining, please e-mail



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