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                  LEADS TO GREAT REWARDS

Parents and students need to understand the dedication that it takes to be successful at ECOT: Self-motivation is critical, putting in the necessary time to do assignments is necessary, and the desire to succeed is vital.

Expectations From Students

  • ECOT students are responsible for completing the course work.
  • Students must log in regularly. If not, they must have a legitimate excuse or they will be deemed truant and subject to legal consequences under Ohio law.
  • Students must take the Ohio-required State Achievement tests, given by ECOT at various locations conveniently located throughout the state, and pass the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) to graduate.
  • Students may not plagiarize works found on the Internet.

Expectations of Parents/Guardians

Parental involvement plays a critical role in the learning process at ECOT, and parents/guardians must agree to fully cooperate with the ECOT educational staff to facilitate their child’s education. Parents/guardians are responsible:
  • To provide transportation to and from ECOT testing sites, located conveniently throughout the state, for students to take required Achievement tests and other mandated tests.
  • For purchasing school supplies such as computer paper and ink.
  • Attending, along with the student, face-to-face teacher meetings held periodically at ECOT locations throughout the state.
  • Supervise their child’s education, or designate another adult to do so.

Expectations of Students and Parents/Guardians

  • The ECOT communication system and ECOT Connect social network are privileges: Students and parents/guardians must adhere to the policy of proper interaction with others when using these tools.
  • It is expected that the computer provided by ECOT be set up properly in your home. Also regarding the ECOT-supplied computers:
  • No additional software programs are to be installed by you on the computer,
  • It won’t be moved to a new residence without notifying ECOT,
  • The equipment won’t be abused, misused, disassembled, or neglected,
  • The computer will be returned upon graduation or otherwise leaving ECOT.
All use of the Internet high-speed connection provided by ECOT must be to support the educational tasks of the student to complete ECOT course work.



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